But Wait! That's not a Flat-Coated Retriever - Rüdi

The newest member of our clan is Rüdi (or Ruedi, for the umlaut-impaired — like the AKC!), a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, aka Swissy. (While there is no “Lesser” Swiss Mountain Dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Appenzeller Sennenhund, and the Entlebucher Mountain Dog are the other three related Swiss mountain breeds. A nice comparison picture, in the order above, is in the Wikipedia article on Swiss mountain dogs).

Why a Swissy? Because I (Mike) decided I'd like a dog of “my own”, and that I'd like a “big ol’ farm dog” type of dog. Swissies certainly fit that description, since we expect him to be about 130–140 lbs when he's full grown.

Rüdi was born on June 29, 2022, and his official name is

Hoberg's GSMD Adelboden Adventure
[Sire: GCHB CH Northwoods Breaking The Law]
[Dam: Snowy Mountain's Majestic Mia]

He was named in honor of some of my very distant Berner Oberländer ancestors, some of whom were named Rudolf (or Rudolfus), and/or lived in Adelboden.

We hope to show him and do lots of activities together, but for now he gets to be a puppy, with all the eating, accidents, and destruction that that implies.

Some pictures of Rüdi are now located in the photo gallery and it will be updated over time.

Fun update: one of the activities I really want to do with Rüdi is drafting/carting. Santa brought our carting starter kit a bit early, so I had to try it out. This is a video of one of Rüdi's first runs with it. I'd say he is a natural!

(Before the experts yell at me, I know the harness is far too big/loose and that the shafts are not bent to the correct size. They are actually sized for our flat-coated retriever Echo, but I had to let Rüdi have the first try. Rüdi will get his own properly-sized set when he grows up a bit more.)

[High resolution version]

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