Flat-Coated Retrievers - Will


Our first flat-coat was Will; he was a California boy and he died just a month shy of his 10th birthday (born February 22, 2010; died January 20, 2020). He was officially known as

CH Crookstone Huzzah! CDX RAE JH WCX
[Sire: CH Feathurquest Final Countdown]
[Dam: CH Feathurquest Black Pearl]

The “CH” means he was a champion. “Crookstone” is the name of the kennel where he was bred; see crookstone.com for more details. The “CDX” means he won his “Companion Dog Excellent” obedience title, and he started working toward his UD (“Utility Dog”), but started having mobility issues before he got there. RAE means “Rally Advanced Excellent”, meaning he was really good at running around a course listening to instructions. “JH” is the “Junior Hunter” title from the AKC and “WCX” is the “Working Certificate Excellent”, an advanced title from the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America; both indicate that Will not only knew how to warm up a bed, he could actually do what his breed was created to do really well: retrieve ducks! He completed the first of 4 tests toward his Senior Hunter title, but he was unable to progress further due to those same health issues.

He is greatly missed.

More pictures of Will are located in the photo gallery.

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