Flat-Coated Retrievers - Trip

Our big boy is Trip; he is from near Chicago and was born on September 21, 2014. His official name is

GCHB CH Kistryl Clocks Fall Back CDX BN RM RAE JH CGC TKA WCX (Int CH)
[Sire: CH Flatterhaft Nike Everclear MH WCX]
[Dam: CH Starworkers Questions To Be Asked JH WC]

but we decided to nickname him “Trip” because he likes to walk between your legs; he succeeded in accomplishing his name at least twice the first day we had him. The breeders, Cheryl Kistner and Marilyn Wilcox, have a very nice web site with lots of good flat-coat information at kistryl.com. He finished his conformation championship by picking up a point just 9 days shy of his first birthday at the Santa Ana Valley KC show on Sept. 12, 2015 (he had gotten his two majors earlier: April 26, 2015 at the Lake Matthews KC show and May 22 at the San Fernando KC show).

Julie continues to show him in conformation since she enjoys it, so Trip finished his Grand Champion title (25 points required) some time in the summer of 2017. AKC's point count differed by 1 or 2 from ours, so we think he made it a few weeks before they did; either way, he became official. More recently (May 2019) he picked up his 100th Grand Champion point, so he is now a Bronze Grand Champion.

He also has a few working, obedience, and rally titles - Rally Advanced Excellent (Silver Bay Kennel Club, Feb 25, 2018, after having previously completed Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, and Rally Excellent). He achieved high combined score (197) for the second to last leg for his RAE. He also has his Beginning Novice in obedience (Claremont, Sept 25, 2016) and has earned his Companion Dog certificate (Palm Springs, Jan. 6, 2018) and the CD Excellent (CDX) almost exactly one year later (Palm Springs, Jan. 4, 2019).

He also (finally!) finished his Junior Hunter title at the Great Western Flat-Coated Retriever Club (GWFCRC) test on November 19, 2016. A year earlier, he got scared off by a zombie duck and it took him a few months to recover. (The duck in his last retrieve that first day wasn't quite dead; it began to splash which spooked Trip, so he turned tail and swam/ran away.) He also picked up his Flat-Coated Retriever Working Certificate (WC) in the Spring of 2017.

He continues his hunt training and has started on the Senior Hunter tests. He has already demonstrated his advanced skills by earning his Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) at the Nov 27, 2018 GRFCRC WC/WCX test. After a break for more training and the COVID-19 pandemic, he is back at it, having earned the first two (of four) legs toward his Senior at the Inland Valley Retriever Club tests July 18-19, 2020.

More pictures of Trip are located in the photo gallery.

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