Flat-Coated Retrievers and Friends

Our flat-coated retrievers

Will hunting picture

Welcome to our little web site to do our own “brags and wags” for our dogs “Trip” and formerly “Will” (died in January 2020). They are flat-coated retrievers (also known as “tongues with dogs attached”). The formal definition of a “flat-coat” is given in the AKC Breed Standard. Click on their names in the menu box to the left to find out more about them.

The “Previous Dogs” in the menu is about our two past dogs, both rescues. While neither are with us any longer, they were both wonderful family members.

Pasanita Obedience Club Trial Photographs

Will and Trip with obedience ribbon picture

The photographs from the 2019 Pasanita Obedience Trial are available. Please enjoy!

The photographs from previous trials are still available from their own areas: 2016 pictures, 2017 pictures, 2018 pictures.

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