Pasanita 2019 Awards Banquet



Here are a few pictures from the 2019 POC awards banquet.

The photos are presented both as a slide show (easier to enjoyably browse through everything and download reduced sized versions) and as a thumbnail catalog (easier to find a specific picture and the only way to download the full size versions).

Slide shows:

Click here for the collection as a slide show.

Catalog style:

Table of pictures

The fine print

Unfortunately, I have to say all this stuff. I am an amateur photographer and intend to stay that way. All the photos here, both raw and processed, are available to you free of charge in a digital format. However, they are copyrighted by me, and are subject to the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. In short, you may use the photos for any purpose (e.g. club newsletters, etc.) as long as you give me credit for the photos, do not charge others for the photos, and allow others to use the photos under these same terms. For more details, please follow the above link. Feel free to contact me if you are not sure.

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